The UAE Is Set To Unveil The First Metaverse Hospital In October

A private healthcare firm in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Thumbay Group, plans to roll out the first-ever virtual hospital for the Gulf region. According to a senior official of the healthcare firm, the Group is working on ensuring that the project is ready by October.

Thumbay Group Launches UAE’s First Virtual Hospital

The founder of Thumbay Group, Dr. Thumbay Moideen, revealed that the proposed Metaverse hospital would be a complete virtual healthcare facility. Patients can use their avatars to consult with doctors. 

With the rapid increase in medical tourism, Moideen added that the hospital would allow people to glimpse what the Metaverse will look like from the jet and visit the Thumbay healthcare facility.

Regarding how Thumbays’ staff can navigate their way in the Metaverse, the hospital has hired the services of a firm to train all doctors on how to handle patients in the virtual space.

However, the decision about the fee has not been made, but the founder stated that it would likely tally with the teleconsultation charges adopted by the healthcare operator.

Commenting on another technology aspect of the virtual hospital, Thumbay Group’s vice president, Akbar Moideen, revealed that Thumbay Group would integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into the hospital’s system. 

With an AI-powered system, cameras will automatically detect the patient’s car plate number and facial recognition once they enter the hospital environment.

Furthermore, as soon as the patient steps into the reception, a file is already opened as no identity is required. The vice president disclosed that the Group would implement the same system across the board at all Thumbay facilities.

For example, if a patient visits the pharmacy, the system automatically indicates to the pharmacist that the patient is here for his prescribed drugs.

Thumbay Adopts AR and VR Technology for Intensive Care Patients

The hospital has introduced AR and VR technology to help paralyzed, or long-term care patients keep in touch with their homes. Patients will be allowed to use the headsets to view their homes, which can psychologically affect their recovery.

Moreover, Thumbay Group plans to provide unrivaled healthcare services that are not limited to the UAE alone but also to other foreign nationals coming for medical tourism.

With AR and VR technology, terminally ill patients can feel their home surroundings via headsets. The vice-president further added that the hospital is determined to embrace the digital ecosystem and leverage its technology to provide comprehensive healthcare to people.

The UAE is fast becoming a leading player in the virtual world, with public and private institutions moving parts of their activities to the Metaverse. Dubai recently hosted its first wedding in the Metaverse, where the couples, alongside families and friends, attended using VR and AR devices.

The Gulf nation has invested heavily in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With the addition of the Metaverse to its plan, Dubai is positioning itself for dominance.

The Metaverse will greatly boost medical tourism once the first virtual hospital experience is launched.