The Best Crypto Movies

Many netizens around the world are watching the changes in the bitcoin exchange rate, this topic has become especially popular after a sharp jump in cryptocurrency. Relatively recently, the price of Bitcoin increased to $ 11,500, after this event, everyone began to closely monitor further fluctuations and directions of the development of digital money. Bitcoin has helped many people to make a fortune, if you also want to earn money, play slots online for real money.  

Specialists from the Binance company strive to support the aspirations of users in the knowledge of blockchain ecosystems. In this regard, they have picked up some good documentaries that tell details about the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Everyone will be able to watch movies, as well as get additional information about blockchain projects. On the official website of the Finance platform, a list of four films has been published that will help to understand the world of cryptocurrency from the inside.

  • The 2014 film “The Rise of Bitcoin”

The film was shot in 2014 when Bitcoin was just beginning its existence. The documentary presents an optimistic view of the development of the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem on behalf of a young programmer who made a contribution to Bitcoin. The picture shows a period when mining equipment was located in basements, and the very concept of cryptocurrency inspired distrust.

  • The documentary film “Banking on Africa: The Bitcoin Revolution” 2020

The picture examines a fundamentally new view on the development of bitcoin, the use of new mining methods, and the adaptation of cryptocurrencies for everyday use. All over the world, digital money occupies an increasing part of the economy, but truly amazing events are taking place in Africa. Nigeria currently holds a leading position in the use of bitcoin. The film analyzes the rapid growth of bitcoin, you can find it on Amazon Prime Video.

  • The painting “Life of Bitcoin” 2017

An interesting film about BTC, which was originally conceived as a video about the life of a married couple together. The picture examines the possibilities of using cryptocurrency in everyday life on the example of an ordinary family.

  • The 2018 film “Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble”

The documentary was released almost immediately after the rise in the price of bitcoin in 2017. The picture describes the features of the use of cryptocurrency, its capabilities and its potential in the restructuring of the world economy. You can watch the movie for free on YouTube.