Study Shows Trust In Cryptocurrencies On Rise Among Investors

Bitstamp, a global crypto exchange, has conducted a study it describes as one of the most comprehensive surveys of the crypto market. The findings indicate strongly that conviction in the future of cryptocurrencies is on the rise. 

Bitstamp’s study shows growing crypto adoption trend

While Bitstamp is yet to publish the full report of the study called Bitstamp Crypto Pulse Q1 2022, the synopsis of the study it released shows several bullish trends for cryptocurrency adoption.

The study was conducted in 23 markets and involved 5,500 senior decision-makers within institutions and 23,000 retail consumer investors, the exchange said.

Its key findings show that more market participants were coming to trust cryptocurrencies. Over 66% of retail investors and 70.4% of institutional investors noted that they trust digital currencies.

Similarly, both small-timers and institutional investors believe that crypto is poised to go more mainstream. More than 82% of the surveyed institutions expect digital assets to proliferate markets in the next decade, while 75.8% of retail investors think the same.

Crypto usage and investment was another increasing trend the study found. The results showed that 75.52 of retail participants would use crypto to shop online, while 45.6% consider themselves early to the market.

Among institutional investors, 62.8% of them invest in crypto more than twice a week, and 54.3% have more than 30% of their portfolios invested in crypto.

According to the exchange’s CEO, Julian Sawyer, the survey confirms Bitstamp’s belief that crypto adoption is advancing at a blinding pace. 

Our survey shows something we have advocated over a long time: talking about the survival of digital assets is firmly over — the question is now about evolution, Sawyer said.

Bitcoin leading crypto adoption 

Even the pioneer, Bitcoin has been breaking new grounds in blockchain technology adoption. Central African Republic (CAR) became the second country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender this week. 

The country has followed in the footsteps of El Salvador to consider the economic development that Bitcoin offers. 

Meanwhile, the crypto industry has also been pushing ahead with going more mainstream. Bitstamp, which conducted the latest survey, has previously revealed plans to greatly expand its presence to new markets.