Online Gaming Platforms Increasingly Tapping Crypto to Redefine iGaming 

Bitcoin (BTC) and a handful of established altcoins are fast changing the face of the online betting industry, with punters now increasingly latching onto innovative iGaming and online gambling platforms like LTC Casino, and others, thanks to the cutting-edge features and huge rewards they offer.

Crypto Gets New Use Case in iGaming 

Just over a decade ago, when Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of bitcoin, launched his novel invention, virtually all the heavy-hitters in the traditional finance industry wrote it off, with some even describing it as something even worse than rat poison squared.

However, fast forward to 2022, and cryptocurrencies, as well as, the underlying distributed ledger technology are now making their presence felt in various sectors of the global economy, from entertainment to supply chain down to sports, iGaming, and online betting.

According to recent statistics, over 106 million people around the world use cryptocurrencies, with the total market cap of the cryptocurrency market now standing at a decent $1.71 trillion at the time of writing.

While trading and speculation were the dominant use cases for crypto assets in the past decade, that narrative is fast becoming invalid, as iGaming and online betting are rapidly emerging as an exciting new frontier for cryptocurrency. 

The intricate properties of cryptocurrencies, which include superfast and cost-efficient payments across borders, decentralization, and fail-proof security, have now made bitcoin integration inevitable for forward-thinking bookmakers looking to have an edge against competitors in the iGaming and online betting ecosystem.

So far, countless mainstream online gambling and iGaming platforms have made bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a solid part of their business, and tens of millions of transactions are now done via crypto on these platforms annually.

LTC Casino Blazing the Trail

Launched in 2021, LTC Casino is arguably a newborn in the multi-billion dollar online gaming and crypto gambling ecosystem. However, the platform is already carving a niche for itself through its innovative features.

Unlike most established online betting and iGaming platforms, LTC Casino offers its users an unprecedented level of anonymity, privacy, and a safe gaming experience. LTC Casino users do not have to worry about going through the often cumbersome know-your-customer (KYC) processes mandatory on other betting platforms.

Upholding the long-standing tradition of crypto-powered casinos, LTC Casino offers users a huge catalog of Slots with a significantly higher percentage return to player (RTP), superfast deposit and withdrawal processing time, and more.

LTC Casino takes the security of users’ funds very seriously, as evidenced by the availability of the two-factor authentication (2FA) feature on the platform. 

At the moment, LTC Casino supports only bitcoin (BTC) and a handful of established altcoins, including ether (ETH), dogecoin (DOGE), XRP, and litecoin (LTC). Apart from English, LTC Casino also supports several other languages including German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Norwegian, and Chinese, effectively crushing the language barrier for users.

LTC Casino offers its users a vast array of games from top game developers like Bgaming, Belatra, Booming, Amatic, Gamebear, and a host of others, with 24/7 customer support via email and live chat.