New Poll Shows How Many Americans Want Bitcoin To Become Legal Tender

Bitcoin is officially legal tender in El Salvador – but would the same setup work in the United States?

A new YouGovAmerica poll asks 4,912 adult Americans whether they support the idea of the world’s largest cryptocurrency becoming legal tender in the US.

Overall, a total of 27% participants say they support the idea. Among them, 11% strongly support adopting Bitcoin as real currency, whereas 16% “somewhat support” the notion.

39% of respondents said they do not support the idea, with 28% strongly opposing adoption.

34% of those polled said they “don’t know.”

According to the data, most of the “strong” opposition comes from those older than 55, whereas people aged between 25 and 34 support “Bitcoinization” the most.

Younger generations overall show greater support for making Bitcoin legal tender.

On the gender spectrum, there appears to be no disparity regarding support or opposition between males and females. Meanwhile, individuals who earn more than $80,000 a year are twice as likely to be in favor, while those earning less than $40,000 strongly oppose the idea.

A recent poll in El Salvador found that 32.1% of those surveyed are happy with the decision to make BTC legal tender.