GOP Senate Candidate Says U.S. Government Should Buy Bitcoin

The Senate hopeful wants the U.S. to take a stand against China by adopting Bitcoin as a reserve currency.

Blake Masters, chief operating officer at Thiel Capital, claims that the U.S. government should purchase Bitcoin as a strategic reverse asset after China moved to ban it (again).    

Masters, who’s currently running for a US Senate seat to represent the state of Arizona, also announced that his campaign now accepts donations in the largest cryptocurrency:

I’ll forgive my HODLrs out there for shaving off some satoshis. It’s for a good cause.

Masters will have to face off Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich, solar power businessman Jim Lamon, and other candidates during a Republican primary race.  

The venture capitalist has been endorsed by billionaire Peter Thiel and Fox News host Tucker Carlson since announcing his Senate bid in early July.

The Arizona race might help the GOP to recapture its Senate majority if one of the candidates manages to knock off former astronaut Mark Kelly in 2022.

As reported by U.Today, retiring GOP Sen. Pat Toomey recently called China’s “authoritarian crackdown” on crypto “a big opportunity” for the States:

It’s also a reminder of our huge structural advantage over China.