GameStop Board Member Wants to Take Deep Dive Into Crypto

The first investor in Chewy is taking two days off to learn everything about crypto.

Chewy co-founder Larry Cheng, who was elected to GameStop’s board of directors in early June, has taken to Twitter to announce that he will take two days off this month to deepen his knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

Cheng has announced a 13% stake in the controversial video game retailer, whose shares went through the roof in early 2021 because of an armada of vengeful traders from Reddit.

The entrepreneur is asking his followers for suggestions on how to spend his time.

As reported by U.Today, GameStop posted started seeking an accounting manager focused on blockchain and non-fungible tokens earlier this month. Prior to that, it posted a bevy of other cryptocurrency-related job positions.RelatedBREAKING: SEC Rejects Spot Bitcoin ETFIn May, GameStop announced that it had started building an Ethereum-based NFT platform.