Breaking : Twitter is hiring a Senior Product Manager for Cryptocurrency

Social media giant, Twitter, is looking to hire a senior project manager for crypto. The firm has put out a job placement to recruit a suitably qualified person to join Twitter Crypto, a new team that will explore integrating blockchain. Twitter is also exploring new possibilities for its ongoing integration of crypto.

Twitter is hiring for a new role to help build features “supercharged by crypto.”

A new job posting on the LinkedIn page of Twitter has revealed that the social media platform is looking to hire a senior project manager for crypto. The posting states that the role is to fill a place in the new Twitter Crypto team that has the mandate to explore decentralized technologies including blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and web3.

Our goal is to figure out what crypto means for Twitter, and what Twitter means for crypto: We help teams across Twitter build features that are supercharged by crypto, …we’re bridging web2 and web3! it says about the new team.

The job requirements of the new project manager all surround the mandate. The PM will be required to “serve as a domain expert on all things crypto for the company,” as well as, partner with Twitter’s product and engineering teams, and come up with “crypto-specific features and products.” The PM will also collaborate with the team working on Blue sky – Twitter’s purely decentralized social media platform that is under development.

The qualifications to fill the role are highlighted as including having experience in product management, for obvious reasons, as well as familiarity with dapps, blockchain interoperability protocols, blockchain scaling protocols, P2P systems, byzantine fault tolerant distributed systems, or web3 primitives (like NFTs and DAOs).

Twitter intends to make creators the center of its crypto plan

Twitter has always been closely associated with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Twitter’s former CEO, Jack Dorsey, championed the integration of Bitcoin tipping over the Lightning Network in the platform’s tip jar feature as well as started the Bluesky project. Having handed over his role as Twitter’s CEO, Dorsey is now even more focused on advancing Bitcoin adoption through his other companies.

Through the year, Twitter has unarguably become ground zero for the cryptocurrency community. This is why it is not surprising that Twitter has revealed that it wants to do more for crypto, with a focus on creators and creator monetization. It has already started this journey with the recent integration of an NFT verification feature that allows users of Twitter Blue, its paid platform, to set their NFTs as profile pictures.

Other social media platforms including Meta’s Facebook and Instagram have similar plans for embracing blockchain technology.