America Is Behind on Cryptocurrency Adoption: Report

The US has one of the lowest cryptocurrency adoption rates, according to Finder’s global cryptocurrency adoption report, which compares ownership rates across 27 countries.

A survey of over 42,000 people across the 27 countries reveals that just 9% of Americans report owning cryptocurrency, which is 10% less than the global average of 19%. In fact, the only other country with a lower adoption rate than the US is the United Kingdom at 8%.

How do these low numbers compare to the rest of the world? Let’s take a look at some major markets.

Countries in Asia took the top five spots in the adoption rankings list:

  • Vietnam has the highest cryptocurrency adoption rate, with an impressive 41% of Vietnamese adults saying they own cryptocurrency.
  • Indonesia and India tied for second with just under 30% of adults in each country owning cryptocurrency.
  • Malaysia ranked fourth with 29%.
  • The Philippines came in fifth, with a still-impressive 28% adoption rate.

Of the European countries included in the study, Belgium had the highest percentage of adults who reported owning cryptocurrency (26%). Italy and the Netherlands are the only two other European countries to have an above-average adoption rate. Germany, on the other hand, is far below average with an 11% reported adoption rate.

The three North American countries surveyed – the US, Canada and Mexico – all have below-average cryptocurrency adoption rates. Canada and Mexico are both sitting at 14%, which is lower than the global average but higher than the US’s rate.

In line with global trends, men in the US are much more likely to own cryptocurrency than US women, with 12% of US men having reported owning cryptocurrency compared to just 6% of women, according to the report.

Of all the coins included in the study, the gender gap is most pronounced for Bitcoin (7% for men versus 2% for women). This is similar to a trend that can be seen across tech, but hopefully a push for more women in STEM fields will balance this over time.

Younger Americans are the most likely to own cryptocurrency, according to the report. Those between 25-34 years of age reported the highest ownership rates at 14%, followed by those aged 18-24 and those aged 35-44 (13% each).

The indication that younger adults are the most likely to own cryptocurrency is also reasonably consistent with global trends. Whether that is driven by a distrust of traditional systems, a quicker adaptability to new tech or something else entirely is currently unknown.